The Excitement of Halloween: Costuming!

Planning costumes has been a huge participation for Halloween amongst all ages. One of the biggest vendors when it comes to purchasing Halloween costumes specifically is Spirit Halloween. There are many other vendors for costumes including but not limited to Walmart, Target, Amazon and Fashion Nova. When mid-September arrived, most of Fashion Nova’s costume inventory was already sold out! Amazon has been a huge place for shopping in general so them being a huge vendor for costumes is not a surprise. 

But if you are wondering what is going to be a huge influence on this year’s costume ideas, a quick place to look is at the tip of your fingers. This year, like many years prior, should have an influx of social media influenced looks. Last year and the year before that there were heavy costumes from Among Us, Squid Games, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad. Euphoria had a huge impact on party culture and costumes year round last year as well after their season 2 premiere. 

This year will be filled with movie/show characters, skeletons (as usual), animals of some sort, superheroes, ninjas, the sexy nurse or vampires. If a show or movie blew up in popularity, they will most definitely reappear for this year’s Halloween costume ideas.

Another huge recurring idea for decades when it comes to flashy costumes is impersonating your favorite celebrities. A couple ideas for costumes can be Bad Bunny, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande and the list goes on. Regardless of what you wear or who you plan on “being,” post a picture and enjoy the spooky season!