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Squiggle Brows: New Trend or Waste of Make-up?

Eyebrow Trend: “Feather Brows” image from: http://mac.h-cdn.co/assets/17/15/640×320/landscape-1491927295-feather-brows.jpg

Eyebrows have recently become make-up addicts’ favorite part of their beauty routine. Let’s face it; if your brows are on point, you’re on point. So, it only makes sense that there have been some wild eyebrow trends like eyebrow tint and the recent “feather brow, ” but this new trend might the strangest one yet. What is it?

Squiggle Brows.

Yes, you read that right. People are purposely drawing and filling in their brows to look squiggly and wavy, it is not just a shaky hand. It is purposeful.

image from: http://aws-cdn-01.shemazing.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/slayage-656×422.png

The New York Post called it “the stupidest eyebrow trend yet. ”Seventeen Magazine says, “Squiggle brows are now a thing, so let’s all mourn the loss of our brow game. RIP, brows.”

Countless beauty bloggers on Instagram, YouTube and more have posted images and videos show-casing their ~Squiggle~ brows. One YouTube blogger, Riley Madison posted a tutorial for “Wiggle Brows,” but she does call it an “Instagram trend.” So, hopefully this means that people are just rocking their brows for likes and not out in public. But, who knows?

Allure Magazine defended the wavy brows. They said that so many people were responding to “Squiggle Brow” posts and images with actual rage that is uncalled for.


The magazine calls them “fun” and says that “Squiggle Brows” are not a trend at all; they are just something people are doing to look cool. But, do they actually look cool? Or are squiggle brows just an ugly way to waste make-up?

Love them or hate them, you’re definitely talking about them, and they’re still blowing up social media. Snapchat released a filter Sept. 15 which gives you squiggle brows and users have reacted hilariously.


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