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Reasons Why Every Woman Should Wear Lingerie


To all the pretty, beautiful and natural ladies, it’s time to feel like the woman you’ve always wanted to feel like. There is nothing quite like wearing lingerie to make you feel comfortable and sexy for yourself or significant other. Regardless of your size, every woman should always have something sexy to wear in the bedroom. For some women, wearing lingerie can spice up the bedroom festivities especially with your romantic partner. Lingerie is meant to be comfortable and sexy; it is for every woman of every shape and size so ladies, you are not limited. You don’t need to be skinny to look sexy. Have a little fun and mix and match your pieces whether it’s lace, see-through or sheer.

Here’s a few empowering reasons why you should wear some lingerie:

1. What you wear will affect your confidence and self-esteem. Some girls love wearing their boyfriend’s tee as something comfortable and sexy that has their man looking at them like, “WOW!” Others like to spice things up by wearing lace and sheer. You don’t need the approval of anyone to wear something you want to wear. Be fabulous in your shape!

2. Have a properly sized bra in your closet. According to Chictopia.com, more than 80% of girls have the wrong sized bras. Go to a good department store and have the workers help you choose the correct size. For example, Victoria’s Secret employees are trained to measure women’s bra sizes.

3. Pretty underwear makes you feel feminine. Try on some different types of underwear and pieces you have never tried before. See how you feel about them; you never know what you might like or what will make you feel sexy. Victoria’s Secret and Aerie are popular stores for purchasing underwear; give them a visit.



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