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Make-up Tutorials to Try This Halloween

halloween makeuphalloween3Every girl knows make-up completes any outfit, but this especially holds true for Halloween costumes. We always see pictures on Pinterest of these super “AH-mazing” makeup styles for costumes like a mermaid or a hot zombie and think to ourselves, “I could never get that right!” Such inspired the “Pinterest fail” posts, which are equally hysterical and sad. But, this Halloween, there is no reason for any girl to be missing the key element of her costume because “it was just too hard.” So, here are some awesome tutorials to make this year’s costume your best one yet. These are guaranteed to turn some heads.

1- Mermaid

What girl doesn’t wish she was a mermaid? They’re so pretty with their shell bras and flowing hair. Ariel makes it look so easy, and, Caroline makes it super easy to do! Who would have thought you could use fishnets so creatively?

*Personal Tip: Complete your look with “Hot Huez” temporary hair chalk in pink, blue, green, or purple to really get that mermaid look! ($9.99 – Sally’s) She uses Kat Von D’s make-up line in the video, but check out your local CVS or Rite-Aid if you want to find more affordable make-up that will work just as well

2- Deer

This is a super cute and easy Halloween costume! I found this video super helpful and can’t wait to try it myself for Halloween (my boyfriend and I are going as a deer and a hunter)! These tips are easy to follow and the make-up she uses in the video is pretty inexpensive and easy to find, but can be substituted for any drugstore brand.

*Personal Tip: If you have a lighter complexion (like me) apply a light bronzer before applying the white pencil from the first step. I would suggest E.L.F.’s bronzers; they aren’t pricey and work really well! Also, if you wanted a more “deer-like” outfit, try a brown long sleeve top, with leggings (black or brown), and Ugg or leather boots. Her buns are a super cute idea, but antlers can be found at your local dollar store because most stores are already stocking up with Christmas gear.

3- Scarecrow

This is such a cute idea because I’ve never thought of this to be a cute costume, but it totally is! A flannel, jeans, and a cute hat (straw, fedora, cowboy, floppy or even a bucket hat works that can be easily found at Wal-Mart) is all you need to complete this look. While this make-up looks complicated, don’t worry; the instructions are easy to follow.

*Personal Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable with gel or liquid eyeliner a pencil eyeliner will work just as well. E.L.F. and Wet ‘n’ Wild have great eyeliners that are not expensive and can be found at any drugstore.

4-  Zombie

Who says Zombies have to be scary? This look is sexy and perfect for every girl who still wants to look pretty on Halloween while keeping the spooky element. Lee does an awesome job of explaining this tutorial.

*Personal Tip: Your local Halloween store such as S.P.I.R.I.T. Halloween or even Party City will have some great black lipsticks and false lashes. To complete your sexy zombie look, rock some black leggings with DIY holes or black DIY ripped tights with a tight black skirt. You can use any old shirt or a cheap one from A.C. Moore or Wal-Mart and add some DIY rips and splatter it with fake vampire blood (Halloween store or Party City). This will keep up the zombie element while still looking girly and hot!

5-  Pop Art/Comic Book

This look has been seen all over Pinterest and Instagram and I thought it would be impossible, however this video breaks it down and makes it so simple. This is an awesome idea for Halloween and super cute.

*Personal Tip: Match this look with some bright colored clothes or even model your whole look after a Comic character and choose your lip and eyeshadow colors that way. To make your lips pop even more, use this comic book lip tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omWUJwqmmJc

Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. Remember, you can always add your personal style to these looks and substitute their products with any you prefer. Don’t forget to give these girls feedback, and if you decide to try any of these for Halloween (which you totally should), share your feedback with us and include pictures of your finished products!

Happy Halloween, make-up enthusiasts!

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