MAC Cosmetics & Brant Brothers Launch Co-Ed Makeup Line

My favorite part about being in my high school plays was getting to apply stage make-up to all the male actors as they whined and squirmed. You would swear their make-up was being applied with wire brushes. A man’s most common reaction to the suggestion of make-up is similar to how they would respond if you suggested they apply poison to their skin.

However, if you were to ask either Harry or Peter Brant, their reactions are simply for show to keep up their macho façade. Both brothers claim that everyone wears make-up. According to them, every guy at some point or another has stolen their mother’s or girlfriend’s concealer to cover up a blemish. They all have it stashed somewhere in their room, easily accessible when a pimple appears right before that date they finally scored with the hot girl down the street. The truth is, everyone wears make-up, but not everyone may want to talk about it the way most girls do.mac

The two New York City socialites have teamed up with MAC Cosmetics for this reason. They have created a line of makeup that allows both guys and girls to wear make-up without anyone ever having to know. The line contains a cream color base, leaving a sheer and dewy finish to your face, a conceal and correct palette that works on all skin tones and types, and a brow finisher that allows you to shape and groom your eyebrows and lock them in place.

Harry and Peter Brant are the sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, so they run with the highest of the elite and have been around some of the best professional make-up artists in the business. The Brant brothers are definitely two guys you can place your faith in when it comes to this minimalist make-up line.brant brothers

Check out some of their work here!


Harry started using concealer to cover his acne and continued experimenting with make-up from there. Peter played around with many types of make-up before realizing only a few staples are needed to really enhance your features. Male grooming is in the now, so they have created this line in hopes that guys can experiment with make-up to easily enhance their best features and hide their blemishes. The line stresses how far moderation can go when it comes to these products. So, whether you’re a guy wanting to experiment with new trends or a girl who never wears make-up, the Brant Brothers’ MAC Cosmetics line is worth checking out. These guys know their stuff.brothers

For you guys who want to use this line as a stepping stone to more advanced make-up application, check out this Buzzfeed post. These guys have the make-up thing down!