First Ever Transgender Lingerie Line to be Launched in Kansas City

Victoria’s Secret commercials and ads that seem to be everywhere have accustomed us to seeing models in lingerie that we don’t even bat an eye when we see an ad for new lines; but this one will be turning heads. Pergrine Honig’s brand new lingerie line is the first of its kind. The entire line is made specifically for the transgender community.mixed mediaart

Honig is a 22-year-old artist residing in Kansas City, and she is the youngest living artist to have her work acquired by the Whitney Museum of Art. Her artwork typically depicts sexual vulnerability, social anxieties, consumerism, and their relationships and consists of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media.  She has also co-owned a lingerie shop called ‘Birdies Panties’ in Kansas City for the last 13 years.

Honig herself is not transgender but has, “…always been interested in issues of gender identity and transition.” When she was 19, she experimented with boy short underwear and boxer briefs, and found she preferred them, but finding ones that fit right was a challenge. She experimented with different female and male undergarments alike and said, “Every garment made me feel like another person.” She began to wonder: “What do my choices in undergarments say about myself and how I see myself?” This is where her interest in lingerie all started.

She knows she is no expert on the transgender community, but she is learning as she goes and truly wants to make a difference in other people’s lives. A friend of hers was transitioning and showed her the undergarments she had as options, and that was when Honig decided to design this particular

She was disappointed when she was doing her research and saw the garment’s transgender individuals had to work with. She said, “None of it is made specifically for transgender bodies.” Her goal is to create attractive and comfortable undergarments, which up until now, was a pipe dream for the transgender community. She teamed up with designer Miranda Treas, and her aunt, Laura Treas, who has designed post-surgery garments in the past.

all is fairThe line has been fittingly named “All is Fair in Love and Wear,” and will be called a “middle-wear” line, rather than a lingerie compression line, to represent the transitional time it will accommodate. They are currently raising funds through their Kickstarter campaign in preparation of the line’s launch. garments

Honig and her team are excited for the line’s launch and are excited to see how it will impact the transgender community.

Laura Treas says, “There is a purpose behind every seam.”

The line will consist of “binders,” “cinchers,” “tuckers,” and “packers” whose functions are suggested by their names. Honig says she would love to send out the binders to transgender individuals and use their self-portraits in their ad campaign.

modelHonig and her team’s new line is definitely groundbreaking and a huge step in the right direction for the entire transgender community. Her line will make them feel more secure and comfortable as they transition, and finally undergarment shopping doesn’t have to be a threatening venture.

It will be interesting and exciting to see how the line plays out.




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