Cashing Out on Christ – The Holiest Collaboration Ever

Early last month, a Brooklyn based creative company, MSCHF, stirred up controversy over the release of a pair of “Jesus Shoes.” MSCHF bought close to two dozen Nike Air Max 97 sneakers, which retail for roughly $160, and completely revamped the shoe.

The sneakers have holy water from River Jordan in the see-through sole, which reportedly has been blessed by a priest from Brooklyn. They also have a golden-plated Jesus on a crucifix attached to the laces. In addition, the sneakers have “MT 14:25” printed on the outer side, which is an abbreviation for the Bible verse Matthew 14:25 where Jesus walks on water.

“And in the fourth watch of the night he came to them, walking on the sea”

Close up look at the MSCHF sneakers
Photo courtesy of MSCHF.

The shoes themselves are white and blue, but they have a red inseams, which symbolizes shoes traditionally worn by popes. They also include a red drop on the tongue, symbolizing the blood of Christ.

This pair of sneakers was sold for $1,425 and sold out within minutes, according to Daniel Greenberg, head of company commerce. The buyer of the shoes later listed the sneakers for $4,000 on a resale website StockX.

Close up MSCHF sneaker.
Photo courtesy of MSCHF.

Greenberg reported that the shoes were designed to shed light on ridiculous brand collaborations, taking shots at the collaboration between Arizona Tea and Adidas which was released in late August. When it came time to designing collaboration, MSCHF wanted something that would allow you to walk on water, which the Air Max 97s allowed for.

The sneaker has received both positive and negative feedback. It is unknown whether MSCHF will do a second sneaker release or if this was truly just to shed light on how ridiculous collaboration culture has gotten.

MSCHF’s website shows that their customers are able to add their phone number to a list in order get new products “24 hours before the masses” with drops every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Model posing in MSCHF sneakers.
Photo courtesy of MSCHF.
Model posing in MSCHF sneakers.
Photo courtesy of MSCHF.

Nike is in no way affiliated with the shoe and has yet to make any comment on the release.



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