Fashion trends are constantly changing, and this can be seen practically day to day, even in small areas such as Bloomsburg University’s campus. The winter trends are not forgotten!

There are so many different types of outfits and accessories girls can wear in the winter and numerous of ways to wear them all. You’ll see these unique winter trends worn by students all over campus. It gives girls a chance to express their inner fashionistas. As the winter quickly approaches, girls cannot wait to start bringing out their boots and scarves. These items are essential for the cold winter season and are great for both comfort and warmth, as well as for the style and trend.

The senior girls at Bloomsburg University are the most seasoned group because they have seen all the popular trends come and go and are familiar with what “everyone” is wearing during this season. Senior ladies have also noticed what is likely to stay for the duration of the season and the most popular trends of not just the winter, but all the others. Watching the seasons come and go along with the different trends of the year are necessary in girls everyday life; whether walking on campus, going out with friends, or just doing day to day activities. A young lady’s fashion is a main part of who she is as an individual, and some seniors would like to share these feelings.

As stated by Victoria Myers, a senior at Bloomsburg University, “I cannot live without my oversized sweaters and infinity scarves; the sweaters are comfortable and you can dress them up or down and the infinity scarves because they are cute and go with anything.” These items tend to be very popular for girls in the winter and the majority of them would likely agree with Myers.


Another senior at Bloomsburg University, Alexa Martin said, “The most popular winter trends on the campus are long parkas for when it gets really cold in the winter. Also Hunter rain boots because they’re very versatile for the snow and rain and it rains and snows all the time so it’s very helpful to have them.” These two items are necessities to girls on Bloomsburg University’s campus. They come in handy and are great to have in the different weather conditions. They’re also very durable and fashionable at the same time so this is a huge reason why they’re so popular and trendy.


Danielle Iandiorio, Bloomsburg University senior, said, “I feel that Uggs are the one winter item that you can find in mostly every girl’s closet. I believe this to be true because they come in different styles and colors and can fit any girl’s personality. Most importantly they keep you very warm in the winter.”


These girls all love fashion very much and take note on these new winter fashion trends as they come and go. Fashion trends and styles allows the opportunity for girls to express themselves and be whom and what they want no matter what the style may say otherwise.