Reports have been saying that Naya Rivera from Glee, who plays Santana Lopez, got fired from Glee because of her feud with co-star Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Barry. However, other reports say differently…

Many reports have said that Rivera would not be in the finale of the fifth season and possibly not the sixth season of Glee.

According to TV Guide, however, Rivera has not been fired. “’There is no truth to the rumor Naya has been fired from the show. She remains under contract to ‘Glee,’ the studio that produces the Fox musical drama said in a statement.”

It is still unclear whether Rivera will star in the final two episodes of Glee, but she was not fired.

There is also a rumor that Columbia Records dropped Rivera, but that too is a lie.

Hope I cleared up any confusion!

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera