It’s cold, windy and you really don’t want to get out of your cozy bed to trudge your way up a mountain to get to class. You lay in your cocoon of blankets and you wonder to yourself, “is this class really worth it? What’s a skip, right?” You continue debating whether going to your only class of day is worth it while you contemplate how many skips you have left. Finally, you get up slowly and remember that it’s spring semester and spring semester means day drinks and Block Party.

During January or February, reminiscing on warmer days, whether it be the summer or fall semester is hard not to do. Fall semester has the Bloomsburg Fair, that first excitement of being back to the black hole we know as Bloomsburg for yet another year, homecoming, and most importantly, being within walking distance from all of your friends. But spring semester has promises of better weather (although it could take a few months), endless day drinks, and yes, the infamous, Block Party. So, what’s the better semester? Fall or spring? Homecoming or Block Party? The choices are endless.

There’s truly nothing like waking up on a bright, summer day and knowing you get to go back to college and binge drink a whole week straight a.k.a syllabus week. What makes that sound even better is that you finally get to be reunited with friends whom you haven’t seen for three months and whom may or may not be a bad influence (sorry mom and dad). With the amazing weather and everyone being in a happy mood, it’s a nice view seeing people sit on the quad and play sports or just hang out.

The Bloomsburg Fair (Source:

Meredith Campbell, a junior, stated, “I love fall semester because Bloomsburg has such a beautiful campus and the colorful trees really bright up the town.”  Fall semester also means pigging out at the Bloomsburg Fair with the finest greasy foods such as fried cheese balls and even fried broccoli. To make it even better, homecoming. To some, homecoming may not be a big deal, but to most, it means a

day long drinking fest, being with good friends and even family, and watching 40 or even 50 year-olds stumble through Bloomsburg.

On the other hand, we have a semester where dreams are made of: spring semester. It may start off rough with a few blizzards, slipping on ice while walking up to class and leaving your cozy bed, but slowly but surely, the weather brightens up. While the temperature starts to rise and the Bloomsburg plague disappears, students reemerge outside to the only thing you can do when it’s sunny – day drink. Senior, Ashlee Harper said, “I like Spring semester better because there’s a lot to look forward to like Block Party, nice weather for day drinks and it also means summer is coming.”

Block Party 2016

What makes spring semester the most exciting is the notorious Block Party. Block Party can either mean a 24-hour binger or trying not to get arrested while having fun at the same time. Lastly, Spring means another year over…another year down in the books with memories for a lifetime. It can be bittersweet because you don’t want to leave your friends and continue having a blast in Bloomsburg, but summer is much sweeter at home, the shore, and, honestly, anywhere else. So, you make your choice. What’s better? Fall or Spring semester?