Facebook Promote


Here it goes again, Facebook added more unneeded content to its already over-rated social network, (we all should just be tweeting). We all know that Facebook “is free and always will be,” as stated on their registration page. Facebook has made a slightly new change which is causing concerns about the way they do business. We already have plenty of statuses, pictures, game requests, and now with the integration of iO6 with Facebook, plenty of messages, notifications and uploading right from your phone.

Have you noticed that new button? “Promote ?”

Promote is the new option. When you click on this, you will be placing your post on top of all your friend’s news feeds so its stands out. This was created to ensure that your friends see what “news” you wish to place on their “feed.” There is a catch though; you have to pay Facebook a $7.00 fee every time you have something to say that you want to make sure remains at the top.

In a way, isn’t this advertising to your friends? You have to pay the seven dollars each time you post something to Facebook if you want to make sure your friends see it. By doing this, you are reaching more people than those who can’t afford the 7 dollars. Just like other popular sites, Facebook is just slowing introducing their own design of a “pay to play” option. They are just trying to make more money.

If we all remember, Facebook did have a lot of great opportunities to make money and they lost a lot of money when the stock price dropped over the last few months. Now, Facebook does have over a billion users, which could mean a huge opportunity to make a lot of money, or loe a lot of users.