Everything You Need To Know To Vote In The Upcoming Pa. Governor’s Election

Tom Wolf (left) and Tom Corbett (right)
Tom Wolf (left) and Tom Corbett (right)

On Nov. 4, 2014, Pennsylvanians will take to the polls to elect the state’s next governor. The current governor, Republican Tom Corbett, is up for reelection of a second term. The Democratic nominee is Tom Wolf, a businessman and the former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

According to campusvoteproject.org, “Young adults (ages 18-29) will make up at least 24% of the voting age population this year,” but show up to the polls in smaller numbers than their older counterparts. Campusvoteproject.org also states, “In 2010, only 22.8% of eligible voters under 30 voted, compared to 40.8% of all eligible voters casting ballots.”

Tom Wolf (left) and Tom Corbett (right)
Tom Wolf (left) and Tom Corbett (right)

According to Campus Vote Project, registration is a key factor in determining whether a student will vote or not. “In 2008, of the 18-24 year old college students that registered to vote, 87 percent actually voted,” the website says. This link to Votespa.com will provide all the necessary information to register to vote. Registration can be completed by mail or in person.

Various resources are available online, which make it easy to learn more about the candidates, see where the candidates stand on issues, and ultimately decide who to vote for. A few of these resources are listed below:

The Campus Election Engagement Project provides non-partisan voter guides that clearly and simply show where each of the candidates stand on issues. Check out Pennsylvania’s 2014 Governor’s Race Guide by clicking this link.

OnTheIssues is another site that presents easy-to-process information about where the candidates stand on important issues. The page for Corbett is here. And Tom Wolf’s is here.




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