Breaking News: Zombies have officially taken over Bloomsburg University.  A campus-wide game of tag unleashed on Bloomsburg’s campus.  However, this particular game of tag was unlike any other. During the month of September, flyers were dispersed throughout campus promoting “Humans vs. Zombies.” Students were given the opportunity to sign up for the
game until Sept. 30.

Once the game began, students could be identified as their role by wearing either an orange
headband for a zombie or a green arm band for a human.  The game started off with only one zombie and
every other player was human.  The game had very few boundaries on campus, so the chases happened almost anywhere. There were safety zones that humans could run to if they felt threatened.  Those zones included all of the residence halls, apartments, academic buildings, and dining halls. Humans were able to defend themselves from the zombies by “stunning” them by throwing rolled-up socks at them.

One zombie was quoted as saying, “I think I was pegged in the face at least four times today.”

Once the zombie was hit with the sock, the stun period lasted 15 minutes.  Students didn’t have to freeze, but they were unable to particpate in play for those 15 minutes.  While some spectators may see this game as eccentric or “weird,” those playing took it very seriously never risking being tagged no matter the circumstances .

A human student exclaimed, “Oh no!  I can’t go back to my dorm.  My friend just texted me and told me there are at least seven zombies waiting outside.  Looks like I’ll just have to do my homework here in Old Science.”

This exciting game captured the attention of mass amounts of students here on campus. So, if on your travels you find a few rolled-up balls of socks, don’t be alarmed.  It may just mean that one of your fellow humans narrowly escaped the ghastly fate of being transformed into a zombie.