What to Wear: Block Party Edition

As of Sunday April 6, the weather forecast for this year’s Block Party calls for a high of 61 degrees with just a little bit of clouds. That being said, here are some tips on what you should wear for the annual event:


  • Tops: Girls, wear something that will be comfortable, maybe a crop top or regular t-shirt. You could even wear a Block Party shirt that you bought from one of the multiple people that sold them. For guys, 61 degrees is usually good enough for a t-shirt. A Polo shirt should do the job or even just a t-shirt. Whatever top you wear, make sure it’s comfortable.
  • Bottoms: Whether you’re a girl or guy you want to dress for the occasion but not overdress. Since Block Party is pretty informal there is really no certain thing you have to wear. Girls, wearing jeans, shorts, or yoga pants will most likely work for you. Guys, any kind of shorts like basketball or cargos would work. Jeans would do the trick too. Bottoms are important for any occasion because they complement the top and usually need to match.
  • Shoes: No matter if you’re a guy or girl, wear shoes that are comfortable for walking. You may be walking around a lot that day so you don’t want your feet hurting. Be careful wearing nice or brand new shoes because they are more than likely to get scuffed up depending on where you go.


All in all, you want to dress comfortably and weather appropriate for Block Party. Everyone has different styles and there is nothing wrong with that. The most important thing is not to get caught by the fashion police or the real police for that matter.