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Scranton Commons Halloween Costume Contest

Bloomsburg University hosts its annual Scranton Commons Costume Contest every Halloween. This event brings students to the Scranton Commons and gives everyone involved a taste of the Halloween spirit.

In addition to the entertainment provided by the show, there are prizes awarded to the most deserving competitors. This year the contest’s prizes included various amounts of dinning dollars for first, second and third place winners.  This year, the students at Bloomsburg really seemed to put an enormous amount of time and effort into their costumes.

There were over twenty contestants with an assorted arraignment of costumes. There were multiple batwoman costumes, a football player, a ninja, a knight, and a clown. A few laugh-earning costumes were Mr. Monopoly, a Ghost Buster, and Alan from “The Hangover.”

The judges seemed to really be impressed by a Na’vi costume from the movie “Avatar.” This costume was almost entirely painted on by hand and was intricately detailed. A few more note-worthy costumes were a hand-made crayon suit, a gorilla (who performed a little dance), and a cowboy in an oversized paper hat. All of the outfits were impressive but it was up to the judges to make the final decision.

After less than five minutes of deliberation, the judges made their selection. Third place, who would receive seventy-five dining dollars, came down to a three-way tie between Mr. Monopoly, the ketchup bottle, and the gorilla. The cowboy with the enormous hand-made paper hat received second place and a hundred and seventy five dining dollars. First place and three hundred dining dollars went to the student in the Avatar costume. When all was said and done the Costume contest was thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators as well as the contestants. Be sure to check it out next year!


Check out some of the costume in the gallery below.

Photo Credit: Mariah Gardner