Projections show Joe Biden could flip Pennsylvania blue

Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden is catching up to incumbent President Donald Trump in the polls in Pennsylvania, which could seal his victory to the White House.

CNN'S John King breaks down how Joe Biden could flip Pennsylvania. (Nov 2020)

Joe Biden begins to catch up to Donald Trump in Pennsylvanian votes and the chances of the state going blue are highest as the only absentee ballots left to count come from majority blue regions.

Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden is catching up to incumbent President Donald Trump in the polls in Pennsylvania, which could seal his victory to the White House.

The Former VP is piling up votes as more and more mail-in ballots are being counted, as predicted by Biden’s campaign before the election. This morning, in response to the growing Democratic votes, the President tweeted out “Stop the count!”

Trump’s allies and cabinet are launching legal challenges across the country, questioning the validity of casted votes in states such as Michigan, while a tight race is being run in states such as Nevada and Arizona. Biden is currently projected to hold 264 of the necessary 270 votes for election, as opposed to Trump’s 214, according to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press projects that Trump has only 49.8% of the votes in Pennsylvania, whereas Biden has 49% himself. As more mail-in ballots are being counted from historically Democratic areas like Philadelphia, Biden could take the lead in Pennsylvania and the Keystone State could push him past the 270 electoral votes necessary for victory.

The chances for victory for the incumbent president is, at this point, much slimmer. He’ll have to win major victories in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Pennsylvania and Georgia both currently are in his favor, but Biden is swiftly catching up and his triumph in Wisconsin showcases how quickly mail-in ballots can flip the vote. Pennsylvania has less than 10% of its absentee ballots left to count, according to the official election site. 250,666 ballots are left, of which 20% were cast from Philadelphia, a historically blue area.

On this note, CNN’s Sara Murray reported that “There are still some big pots of ballots to be counted,” with 74,000 uncounted votes from Philadelphia County, 36,000 from Allegheny County, and 25,000 from Bucks County which will all have to be counted by hand by Pennsylvanian election officials, slowing the process quite a bit.

Meanwhile, Biden is overcoming Trump in Georgia as the incumbent president sits at 49.4% of the vote and the former VP sits at 49.3%. Trump’s path to reelection hinges upon winning Georgia, and he leads by less than 4,000 votes with tens of thousands of more mail-in ballots needing to be counted.

As the possibility for defeat becomes more evident, the president has begun attacking the election process in states like Pennsylvania or Georgia as he claims evidence of election fraud. This resulted in criticism even from his own party. Former Sen. Rick Santorum condemned Trump’s statements and even claimed no Republican should back his claims of voter fraud.

“I sat there, I listened to him talking about the votes being taken away from him, and then he shifted to Arizona and said hey, ‘I win this thing if they count the votes.’ Well, how can you say we have to wait and count the votes in Arizona and I can win this thing, but if you count the votes in Philadelphia you’re stealing them? The reality is, in Pennsylvania Democrats voted by mail and Republicans voted — in person and it’s because you asked them to do so,” former Sen. Santorum told CNN.

Incumbent President Donald Trump’s chance of victory seems slim at this point of the election, but unfortunately for Republicans and Democrats alike, the voting process is slow and grueling. Joe Biden and Donald Trump have each received more votes than any candidates in American history, typically true as the population increases but especially apparent due to the divisive nature of this election cycle. People have voted in droves on both sides, and it is the duty of the American people to accept the democratic process for what it is.

Keep an eye on the results as Pennsylvania could possibly decide who sits next in the Oval Office.