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Program Board’s End of the Year Thank-you

As a thank you to all the students who came out to support all of the Program Board’s events this year a small, but amazing thank you was set up on the patio of the Student Services Center this past Friday, April 27.

A long line of students stood inline braving the chilly winds of late April to get a sweet blue, pink, or purple cloud of cotton candy. The event began around noon and by 1:30 p.m. about one hundred fluffs of that sweet treat had been handed out.

There was also spin-art, for those who were feeling a bit artsy that afternoon. Students could pick up a pair of sunglasses, for free, put them on the spin wheel and decorate them with the colors of their choice. For those who want to insure having the coolest Frisbee once it warms up, students were also able to spin-art a Frisbee.

A free photo booth was also set up for students. After getting hyped up on cotton candy and designing a really sweet looking pair of sunglasses, students could cram into the photo booth and snap a few pictures with their friends.

Overall it was a truly amazing way to say thank you to the students of Bloomsburg University. Thank-you Program Board for making this year one filled with fantastic events.