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Olympics and Terrorism

As the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics approached on Friday Feb. 7, issues concerning the safety of the spectators and all those involved were raised.

According to Fox News, the Homeland Security Department warned airlines that the terrorists may try to put explosives into toothpaste tubes. To increase the security of the games and ceremony, Intelligence Agents immediately tapped into the phones of people landing in Russia.

Another threat that ensued in light of the Opening Ceremonies happened the day of the event. According to the Huffington Post, a man, who was wearing a Montreal Canadians jersey, attempted to hijack a plane and force it to land in Sochi. The plane left from the Ukraine to land in Turkey, but was forced to land at Sabiha Goksen airport in Istanbul. The hijacker was drunk while giving his orders. He also tried to get into the cockpit of the plane, and mentioned having a detonator. ABC News reported that a U.S. official said that they do not believe the hijacker was part of a bigger plan to impair the Olympics.

As the Olympics continue, so will the terrorist threats. Security won’t let their guard down, and will still be at its peak until the very end of the games.



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