Knoebels Welcomes New Mascot For the 2013 Season

 It seems that Knoebels mascot Kozmo won’t be lonely for much longer. For the 2013 season, Knoebels is introducing its newest mascot, the raccoon named Dexter. According to the story posted on the Knoebels website, Dexter was rescued from the aftermath of the 2011 flood that caused major damage to most of the park.

The story went on to describe how Kozmo helped Dexter get back on his feet by visiting some of the important landmarks in the park, including First Aid and The Hat Shop. The story seems like a nice way to introduce the critter to the park using believable real world events. The full story can be read on their website.

The Dexter costume was made by Keystone Mascots, who have had a hand in making many famous mascots such as Winger the Eagle of the Washington Capitals and Loco the Iron Horse. According to their Facebook, Knoebels has recently held auditions for the character of Dexter, so you should see him on the pathways of Knoebels soon enough.