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From sunny to rainy, what’s with this weather?

Lately in Bloomsburg the weather has been messing with our heads. Some days it will be 80 degrees, sunny and beautiful outside. The quad on Thursday was filled with students playing football, laying out, and just hanging out in the sun. On Friday it was about the same weather as well. It finally started feeling like it was really spring.

However, on Saturday, which was Block Party, the weather was disgusting! It was pouring the whole day and extremely windy. It was freezing and felt like winter all over again. Students were walking around complaining about how much this weather needs to make up it’s mind!

One student said, ” Of course it would be gorgeous out two days in a row, but then for block party it would be like this. I don’t understand how it can go from being so nice out, to basically a tornado and monsoon.”

Nobody likes the tease that the weather is giving us. Even Sunday, the day after block party, it was nice out! It’s getting to the end of the semester and all we want is some nice weather.


Bloomsburg University 2014. Historian Chair of PRSSA.