Be A Quitter Day Fall 2022 Flyer

BU Healthy and Husky Paws brings to campus, Be A Quitter Day 2022. This event will be occurring Thursday, November 17th, 2022 within the Husky Lounge on-campus from 12-2p.m.

This event promotes quitting tobacco products and habits such as vaping, smoking cigarettes, and chewing tobacco. In recent years, despite the knowledge about the poor effects these habits bring to health, vaping has skyrocketed in popularity. It started as a trend to quit smoking, but the fruity and minty flavors had opened a new gateway for the industry.

As a result, most of the college student population vapes. Whether it is their own vape device or a disposable, nicotine is a hot commodity. This event plans to promote quitting these products for the betterment of peoples’ health.

Be a Healthy Husky and check it out!