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Bloomsburg University’s 2nd Annual Dance Marathon

*Editor’s Note: Originally Written by Justine Davis*

This Saturday, February 16, students will be gathering in Nelson Field House to spend the day dedicated to making a difference for a common cause.  Pediatric cancer and other childhood illnesses are running rampant with no relief in immediate sight.

In order to help combat this tragedy that effects the lives of countless families in our area, the Bloomsburg University Dance Ensemble is hosting the 2nd annual Dance Marathon in order to help raise funds to fight cancer and provide relief to the families in this heartbreaking situation.

The marathon begins at noon and concludes at 6 p.m. with events scheduled throughout the day.  Some of these activities include hearing from Miracle Children from the surrounding area, making cards for current patients, and athletic events such as bubble soccer and water pong.

It will be an uplifting event that will allow the campus to come together in order to help the future Huskies that are currently fighting for their lives.  In addition to the fact that the money raised will help sick children, the unique standout quality of Children’s Miracle Network is the fact that all the funds will be localized and distributed to individuals in our direct vicinity with the majority going to the Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, which is a direct branch of the medical facility right off our campus.

If you are interested in being a part of this memorable event, registration is coming to a close.  The last time to sign up for the event is this Saturday up to noon.  However, there is a $10 registration fee that needs to be paid by way of debit or credit card, therefore pre-registering online through DonorDrive is recommended.  A card, as well as your student ID, will be needed if one were to register at the door.  For those that attend the event, six hours of community service will be granted for your time, as well as refreshments and prizes throughout the day.  Registration can be completed at the following link:



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