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Bloomsburg University Students Launch Online Magazine: U Mag

By Jenna Lemoncelli and Brianna Noone

The Mass Communication students at Bloomsburg University have created a new, up and running online magazine, specifically written by the students for the students.

U Mag was created to inform college students all around the country about anything that they will need to make their college experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Written twice a year by Bloomsburg students, U Mag is published on ISSUU.com and features sections that include, News, Health, Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, and Travel.

College students from around the globe can access U Mag from social networks such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so be sure to check them out.

College is a busy, stressful time for students, so it is hard to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, hottest spring break spots, breaking news, and much more. That is why, with the guide of Dr. Ganahl, his students have created this convenient and clever magazine.

U Mag has all the topics that college students need to make their college experience go smoothly. College isn’t all fun and games. Students need to stay in touch with news around campus. From college drinking to financial aid you can bet U Mag writers, Ashley Kurtz, Taylar Long, Ciarra Clark, and Jason Buffone have all the need-to-know facts about creating the most stable foundation on campus and after college.

No worries about packing on that, ever-so-infamous, “freshman 15,” because Lauren Brown, Katie Darling, and Shannon Phillips, have the health section covered with clean eating and summer bikini body tips.

The guys on campus will rave about U Mag because a huge sports section is written by Mike DeVries, Jarrod Farensbach, and Mike Rice, with all of your info from stats, the NBA Draft, the Regular Season, and much more.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is always a necessity in college when students are trying to find their own, unique style. Jazmine McCarthur and Lea DiCredico are U Mag’s expert fashion writers, who are always on top of the latest styles.

When students have finished all of their work, there needs to be a time to have fun and create an entertaining social life. With a large number of entertainment writers, U Mag has your hook-up to Hollywood and social life set. With celebrity news, movies, summer tours, and horoscopes, Jenna Lemoncelli, Alex Marchione, Tia Franzone, Stephanie Sherman, Sharon Rubart, and Amanda Davis have paved your way to socialite paradise.

Are you looking to spice up your summer? With all the information you need for the most popular spring break spots, Jessica Zambito, Jeannie Chase, Brianna Noone, and Shannon Phillips, have your ticket to paradise from Panama City to Cancun.

The release of U Mag is taking off as its creative team of student writers and mag advisor Professor Dr. Ganahl are prepped for a global takeover. Check out U Mag on ISSU, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and like its pages. Download your copy for your guide to survival on your college campus…now!

U Mag staff pictured above. Missing Michael DeVries.
Mass Communications/ Public Relations Major at Bloomsburg University. Active sister and president of the national sorority Alpha Sigma Tau. A passion for the media and pop culture fuel my dreams and goals.