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Alpha Tau Omega: Free The Girls


ATO is at it again! Bring your lightly used bras to the Greek Office in KUB from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. NOW until May 1, 2015.


Bloomsburg University always encourages its students to help the community and give back when possible. Organizations all over campus are constantly doing what they can and contributing in the pursuit of helping others. The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity has just completed a community service project, Free The Girls, and had amazing results.photo 1

“Free The Girls” is a non-profit organization that saves women and young girls from human trafficking. Once they are removed from human trafficking they are sent to safe houses and after-care facilities but only so much can be done there. The Free The Girls organization then provides these ladies with lightly worn bras that the women repair and sell for more then minimum wage in their third world countries.free

Why bras you ask? Because lets face it, all women have bras they never wear stuffed in the back of their drawers collecting dust. Why not put these bras to good use once again and help these women start a new life? Free The Girls launched in 2010 and has been collecting bras ever since.photo 2

That’s where Alpha Tau Omega lent a helping hand. They gave each sorority on campus a hamper and asked them to fill it with as many bras as they could. The brothers then asked their friends and those ladies asked theirs and a ripple effect was born. The fraternity collected 655 bras over eight weeks, a number they can surely be proud of.

If the whole university got involved with projects like Free The Girls, we could benefit so many individuals who need help in the world. Its important to stay involved and to keep an eye out for opportunities like this around campus. So many people are affected by what we do here at Bloomsburg University and it’s rewarding to contribute. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to take part in!