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Zoey Said What?

Remember ten years ago when we were all in elementary school, and Zoey 101 was one of the biggest shows on Nickelodeon? We all wanted to go to boarding school at PCA and everybody wanted a Jet X? Well now we all can re-live our childhood dreams for about five minutes and nine seconds. Getting Phentermine online https://www.lifestyle-pharmacy.com/product/phentermine/

Dan Schneider, the creator of the show, recently released a YouTube video that revealed what Zoey said about Chase on the DVD she put in the time capsule exactly ten years ago. It even features Chris Massey and Sean Flynn reprising their roles as Michael Barret and Chase Matthews:

Video Breakdown: The video starts off with Chase proposing to his girlfriend, but is interrupted by Michael, who has dug up the video in which Zoey reveals her true feelings about her PCA classmates. Nobody has a DVD player in the restaurant they’re in, but, luckily Michael memorized Zoey’s words:

Zoey said what? 2

“And now, I wanna tell you about one of the most special people I’ve ever met. His name is Chase Matthews. And he’s one of the funniest, coolest, nicest guys in the world. Sometimes, I kinda think he has a little crush on me, but other times, I kinda think he just wants to be friends. All I know for sure is, Chase is really special to me, and who knows, maybe he’s even my soulmate.”

After Michael tells Chase what Zoey says, Chase runs out of the restaurant (with the ring he was going to give his girlfriend) to go find Zoey. The video then ends with a questionable “to be continued.” Cialis 20 mg http://genricviagra.com/tadalafil.aspx

So much childhood nostalgia, in so little time. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved every single second of this. It made me so happy and brought back so many feels, but with all this jubilation it also struck up some major curiosity. What does Dan Schneider have in store for us Zoey 101 fans? Is this video just a tease or could there possibly be a Zoey 101 sequel in our future?

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