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Who Spiked LA’s Water: The 2015 VMA’s

With fame, talent and fortune comes a splash of drama. Add Miley Cyrus to the mix and you have one crazy, delicious and unexpected cocktail. The 2015 VMA’s aired Sunday night and even the most diehard Walking Dead fans (myself included) skipped a night of blood and suspense in exchange for great music, style and personal expression. Although, the night was teeming with “iconic moments,” these are some of the most unforgettable:

Miley’s Many Wardrobe Changes

The artist formerly known as Hannah Montana has been rocking the stage and shedding her old persona for a few years now. The audience was not left disappointed by the host’s usual antics nor her bold and revealing outfits. The woman is unique, always shocking, and simply fabulous.

miley4 miley3


miley6 miley5



nibki whts goodNicki Calls Miley Out

For those who don’t remember, a month ago Nicki Minaj was a little heated about “Anaconda” not being nominated for “MTV’s Video of the Year” award. Miley was then asked in an interview about Nicki’s reaction and an Instagram fight ensued. Well, at the VMA’ shit got serious real quick. Rebel Wilson, also known for being a little off the wall, seemed a little shaken by the unscripted spat between the two popstars. The “Million Mile Minaj Stare” will be sure to live on in badass bitch history.


Taylor Debuts “Wildest Dreams”

wildest dreamsFeaturing the dreamy Scott Eastwood who is indeed “handsome as hell,” and a gorgeous African savannah setting, “Wildest Dreams” has reached 11 million views on YouTube in less than two days. Swift has been getting a lot of hate for her less than realistic wig, but I have to say I’m digging the 50’s look. The only upsetting aspect of the video is that it’s taken me this long to realize Clint Eastwood’s offspring is crazy sexy.


amber rosAmber Rose and Blac Chyna Kill It

Among the designer gowns, shirts, and jackets stands Amber Rose and Blac Chyna proudly sporting bright and loud statement pieces. Their dresses turned heads and immediately grabbed the media’s attention with words like “slut,” “whore,” “bitch,” and “stripper” plastered on the clothes. The word “faggot” was also covering a man and woman’s clothing who arrived with the two models.  “We’re basically wanting to just paint a picture of what people say about us already,” Chyna said. “We’re just trying to embrace it.” The statement references the “Slut Shamming Movement,” which calls out those who use derogatory statements freely often towards a woman’s appearance. The two killed it with poise and an abundance of confidence.






Kanye for President

kanye-west-live-on-stage-at-the-mtv-vmas-2015-1441005735-custom-0The man can rap, the man can put together a fashion line, and the man can also mess a speech up royally. It started with a heartfelt apology, strayed to insulting award shows, included an admittance that, “Yes, (he) rolled up a little something” before the show, and ended with Kanye declaring he was running for president in 2020. The crowd erupted in cheers, but it is unclear if it was due to his candidacy announcement or rather joy that he had finally stopped talking. Forget 2018 people, America had better get ready for West.


Entertainment is a fantastic form of self-expression that cannot be categorized or forced to conform into one specific method or genre. The VMA’s exemplify this ideal perfectly, featuring celebrities ranging from the outlandishly dressed to the admirably clueless.  For the past three days headlines have consisted only of news coverage and breakdowns of the Awards. With so much attention one can only imagine what publicity stunts are sure to be pulled at the 2016 VMA’s.






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