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What a HUNK……The DILFS of Disneyland


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On your recent family vacation, or just a quick getaway with some friends to the nearest amusement park have you ever stumbled upon, or set your eyes on a super-HOT older man? As you look closer, you wouldn’t even expect this eye candy to roll up with a stroller pushing a 14-month-old baby around, right? Of course not.1689340_822554964436087_913770346_n

Thank goodness for those who have a little small fetish for hot dads, Instagram actually has a page entitled “DILFS pf Disneyland” where some of the hottest and eau so sexy fathers are found waltzing around the Magic Kingdom with their little crumb snatchers.


            DILFS of Disneyland is “the happiest place on Instagram!  Bringing you the hottest dads at Disneyland and California Adventure,”, as noted on the Instagram page’s bio. Yes, the page is real, yes there are some hot dads floating around, and YES there is a random photographer snatching and sneaking photos of every single hot, gorgeous father in Disneyland, and yes you may stare as long as you please.10693255_649104675210059_1506191957_n 10706812_1500410893530564_1797884107_n10706963_510655785736799_1436494537_n