Watch ‘Two-Faced,’ a New Web Series by BU Alum Nate Reynolds

A new web series by CorNR Productions hits the scene on the video sharing platform, YouTube. “Two-Faced,” the series title, is a crime-drama series featuring a taste of mystery and thrill with a focus on betrayal and deceit. The series, mostly directed by Nate Reynolds (BU Alum 2020), features main rising talents Keith Diahn, Madison Hodges, Zed Kole and even fellow BU alum, Lee Arrick Datts.

The story follows two men: one seemingly righteous and the other seemingly unjustifiable. While in the midst of trying to prove his innocence to his best friend, Marcus (Lee Arrick Datts), after the occurrence of a terrible incident, a young man, Jafari (Keith Diahn) seeks to find his girlfriend’s secret lover but is led into a rude awakening and an odd predicament by the end of the story.

The series seems to be certainly nothing new under the sun. However, it offers a decent narrative and forecasts potential future success for the series’ producers in the industry of film, television and new media. See what IndyRed™ (click here) and 22 Indie Street (click here) have to say about “Two-Faced.”

Watch the full series of “Two-Faced” for yourself here.