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Let’s get excited for Kid Cudi who is coming to Bloomsburg University Sunday November 7, 2010 and will be performing in the Nelson Field House!  Word got around fast all over campus that tickets were going on sale Wednesday, October 13th, at 10 am. Students were so eager to get tickets that some students even started waiting in line at 8pm Tuesday night, almost fourteen hours before tickets went on sale. Tons of students slept outside overnight to make sure they were first in line and were guaranteed a ticket. One group of boys even brought out a TV, Xbox, and played videogames all night to pass time. Dan Adami said,” I waited ten hours in line but I would have waited twenty hours for my man Cudi.” They also brought out a speaker and blasted Kid Cudi music all night getting pumped for the soon to be concert. Brian Toth stated, “It was cold but staying out there all night was definitely worth the wait because I have never been to a concert before and Cudi is one of my favorite rappers.” A lucky bunch of students that camped out ended up getting VIP bracelets, which guaranteed them a ticket for being first in line. Chelsea Healey who waited in line from 11am until 2pm on Wednesday quotes, “The wait was well worth getting Kid Cudi tickets, I am so excited to see the man of my dreams!”