Two Foxy Icons: Family Guy/The Simpsons Crossover Highlights!


The inevitable crossover is here! The long anticipated Family Guy/The Simpsons (The Simpson Guy) aired Sunday night. Here are the top five highlights from the episode!



1) Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin Daisy Duke Car Wash


This was my favorite part of the entire episode. It was over the top and disturbing, but it was really hard to look away. In order to find Peter’s car, Homer and Peter decide to do a sexy car wash, “Daisy Duke” style. There is nothing more outrageous than watching two grown, obese men in tight clothing work a car wash in some of the most provocative positions. It was almost worth watching the episode for this scene alone. It was one “FOX-y” scene!


2) The references and comparisons


I love when I get the references to things because it makes me appreciate the humor more, and this episode had a bunch. I love how they paired each character to their respective match: Homer to Peter, Marge to Lois, Meg to Lisa, and Stewey to Bart! Even though they had slight comparisons, they were all a lot different and the episode really took its time showing that. It revealed that “Family Guy” is a lot more over the top and obscene. They really made the Simpsons look like polite people.


3) “SHUT UP, MEG” used as a positive?


This episode was filled with a ton of “shut up, Meg” moments. I began to get where the phrase came from. I felt bad for the girl. I feel this was the episode where Meg actually got the best ending out of everyone. She and Lisa had serious bonding moments. Some were cringe-worthy but they really complemented each other. Meg was able to outperform Lisa on the saxophone which enraged her. At the end Lisa was able to ignore Meg’s quirks and give her a “shut up, Meg” to comfort her. It was sweet!


4) Brian is no “Santa’s Little Helper”


There was a moment in the episode where Brian was not allowed to sit at the Simpsons’ family table. In the Simpson’s universe he is viewed as a “dog.” So poor Brian had to eat with the Simpsons’ dog, “Santa’s Little Helper”. It was funny watching Brian trying to relate to the dog because he does not understand that dog’s behave like dog’s.


5) Homer vs. Peter: Man of Steel 2?


Was I watching Family Guy or a parody of the “Man of Steel” movie? Things really escalated by the end of this episode. I think this episode was trying to tell us that the Simpsons and Family Guy do not belong together. Very cryptic. Both families grew tired of each other by the end of the episode. When you thought it was over, out of the blue, Homer and Peter decided to take out their problems through extreme violence. Parts of the scene seemed like they were taken straight out of the “Man of Steel.” . There were so many references to other movies that I lost count.


Honorable Mentions: Barney Flintstone and the Kool-Aid Man made an appearance.


These are a list of some of my most memorable moments of “The Simpson Guy.” What are your favorite moments? Comment Below!



Kyreem Powers