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Two Directions? Simon Cowel sued for copyrighted name on boy band One Direction

British boy band One Direction is sweeping not only the U.K. but also teens here in America. It was a surprise to most that an American band, also named One Direction, filed a law suit against the British boy band’s creator, Simon Cowel, for the copyright of their band’s name.

The American band says the success of the British One Direction is causing consumer confusion and hurting their reputation. In an example of the confusion created, The Huffington Post says that the British One Direction was premiered on NBC’s “Today”with accidental music from the American band. Due to the controversy that has come from the two bands, American One Direction has moved forward on a $1 million lawsuit against Simon Cowell’s record label, three times more than the British band has made, for the use of copyrighted material.

These lesser known boys from California have been around a bit longer; about a year to be exact. Although they are not signed to a label, American One Direction says they put a copyright on the band’s name in 2009, a year before Cowell formed the British One Direction.

 The magazine Irish Central reports a quote from a band member of the American One Direction, When I was small and tried to start things up my dad would always advise me you’re at the bottom so there’s only one direction to go.” The band member continues to prove his point, “And that was the attitude I needed for the band.”

Despite the gossip and scandal that has circulated these past few weeks, the American band has benefited from the publicity. The stunt has gained them new traffic to their YouTube and iTunes store, increasing their profits and raising their song “2012” to new levels.

The American boy band acknowledges that Cowell has much more popularity and support behind him, but they feel they have the law on their side. The manager of the American One Direction makes it clear that his law-suit is with Cowell and wishes the British One Direction the best of luck in their careers.

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