Twin Peaks Finally Picks Airing Date

Well folks, mark this in your calendar (or in your tape recorder). May 21 is the date. After two years shrouded in mystery, the public finally knows when “Twin Peaks” will return to television.

It all started in 2014 when David Lynch tweeted something very perplexing, using a quote from the show about things “coming back into style.”

The internet was abuzz. Was “Twin Peaks” coming back? Are Lynch and Mark Frost collaborating again? The show was cancelled in 1991 leaving fans with a huge cliffhanger. After 25 years, who knows what we could expect.

The cast list for the new series has been released. Some are expected, and some are rather surprising (Eddie Vedder!). This leaves many of the fans wondering, how are these people going to mix with the old cast? Will it be a good fit? Will it feel like watching the old show?

“Twin Peaks” is classified in the following genres: drama, mystery, horror, psychological thriller, supernatural horror, and psychological horror. By the looks of it, the show sounds a little strange. In many ways, it is.

After it’s debut on ABC on Apr. 8, 1990, America was captivated by the small, mysterious, and fictional town of Twin Peaks, Wash. Its good feeling, small town front would soon have to take a back seat to its dark undertones and horrible secrets. This unraveling of truths ignites with the death of a popular high school student by the name Laura Palmer. Local law enforcement Sheriff Harry S. Truman is helped by FBI Agent Dale Cooper to solve the case. Together they try to figure out the question that engrossed America, “Who killed Laura Palmer?”

Laura Palmer, the slain high school student

In its first season, the show was a hit. By season two, not so much. With the time placement of the show being moved to different time slots constantly, “Twin Peaks” started losing viewers. June 10, 1991 saw its last episode aired on ABC. Two years later, a prequel would be released titled, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.” Even a cameo by musician David Bowie couldn’t save this film from being booed at film festivals and receiving poor critical reviews.

Not much of the plot has been released to the public, only short YouTube clips of interviews from the cast.

Instead of “Twin Peaks” airing on ABC like its original, it will be airing on Showtime at 9pm.


If you are interested in watching this show, Netflix has the entire series on to stream.



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