Tune in & Celebrate Shark Week. Graphic made by Carly Busfield.

Starting July 23rd, Shark Week is an annual television event dedicated to showcasing shark-related programming and promoting awareness about these fascinating marine creatures.

There are many ways to participate and be festive during the shark celebration.

Who’s Hosting?  

Discovery is known for is live broadcasting  of various shark programs. The program schedule can be found here.

This year’s celebration in Discovery will be hosted by the Aquaman, Jason Mamoa. Last years event was hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Impact of Sharks & ‘Shark Week’ Over Time

Shark Week has had a positive impact by raising public awareness about the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems and dispelling myths surrounding these misunderstood creatures. It has contributed to increased conservation efforts and fostered a greater appreciation for sharks among viewers. 

According to NPRWhat debuted in 1988 is now TV’s longest-running programming event.

Shark Week has also broken records in terms of viewership and engagement, with its captivating programming drawing millions of viewers worldwide and creating a platform for scientific exploration and education.

Dr. Robert Maris is the only remaining degreed Marine Biologist left in the Mansfield faculty and is proudly participating in Shark Week. 

Maris noted the impact of sharks, “As top-level predators, they are critical to their trophic level; but to the entire ecosphere, they impact all life.  If they were not present, life as we know it would be severely negatively impacted.” 

The Mansfield professor teaches a Marine Biology course involving lecture and lab work. He continued to share, “We touch upon sharks and their importance.  I have a number of shark specimens in our collection that are used in lab.  Otherwise in my 37-year career there have been several students who have completed independent study/internship projects on sharks.  These research courses were taken largely in Florida at various universities.” 

Brooke Modzelewski, a senior Wildlife Conservation student at Delaware Valley University, is currently a Zoo Keeper Intern at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA. She feels that the conservation of animals and marine life is currently riding a very avoidable decline.

She noted, “It is extremely frustrating to see and hear about the consistent habitat loss and endangerment of animals that have no way to defend themselves. However, this can be resolved by partaking in conservation efforts such as supporting various conservation projects and even by visiting AZA accredited , non-profit, zoos and aquariums.”

Modzelewski went further on to share that she will be in participating in the Shark Week celebrations by watching one of her favorite programs, “The Zoo”, along with many other animal related shows.

Shark Themed Bites to Eat 

Enjoy a snack or grab a festive drink during Shark Week! There are many festive food items to dine on or make this week. 

At Outback Steakhouse, there is an shark-themed alcoholic beverage that was recently released called the Aussie JAWsie. The chain website shares that the beverage is, “a fin-tastic bevvy crafted with New Amsterdam® Raspberry Vodka, Blue Curacao, a trio of citrus juices and a dangerous dose of grenadine!“

The blue beverage is actually accompanied with some bloody waters, made by grenadine. The sweet, red liquid is poured from an overturned complimentary shark figure.

Snack on shark gummies. These blue and white delicious gummies debuted in 1988. Apparently, they have been heavily modified over time according to this article with further information on said gummies.

Visit an Aquarium

Visit an aquarium with a shark exhibit. The Camden Adventure Aquarium’s Shark Realm offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with a variety of fascinating shark species. With interactive displays and informative presentations, it’s a thrilling and educational adventure for all ages. 

Another neat exhibit of this Camden based aquarium is their Shark Bridge. Walk along a bridge surrounded by glass walls showcasing sharks swimming all around you.

Many aquariums focus their attention on the conservation of many species. This is one priority of the Adventure Aquarium and they even have an animal adoption program. The “Shark Pal Adoption” costs $75 and includes an official certificate of adoption for one of their sharks, a bio/fact sheet with information, a collection of shark teeth, and other shark oriented goodies. This makes for an amazing gift.