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Travis Scott deactivates Instagram after poor feedback to his Batman costume

During Halloween Season, everyone likes to take pictures in their costumes and show it off on social media. This year took a turn when rapper, Travis Scott, posted a picture in his Batman costume to his Instagram.  

Within the photo, stood Travis in his own version of Batman. He took this costume in another direction by making it into shades of brown instead of the traditional black. The shades further matched his vehicles next to him. On his left is his Lamborghini Aventador and on the right is his rare Maybach Mercedez Benz G-Wagon. Both vehicles wear a brown exterior that perfectly matched his costume.  

This is the original photo that Travis Scott posted to his Instagram.

The colors are choreographed perfectly and accompanied with a powerful, heroic stance made by Travis Scott. One would expect the rapper to be praised and hyped up for his Halloween spirit. Yet, the feedback was only the opposite. Millions of fans and followers commented in disapproval of the image. Many stated that he looked ridiculous and mocked him.

This mockery resulted in what no one thought would happen… Travis Scott has deactivated his Instagram after the poor feedback and ridicule made about his post. His other social media accounts are still active and posts are being made. He has received lots of attention for deactivating his account and many make him out to be a coward and a fool.

One example is a tweet posted by famous podcast, No Jumper. No Jumper is a pop culture-oriented podcast hosted by Adam John Grandmaison, known as Adam22. The tweet says, “#travisscott’s batman costume as his album covers… Which one is best?” and depicts images of his previous album covers revamped with some “Batman inspiration.” Many other tweets and social media posts followed the same lines like No Jumper’s tweet.

Will Travis Scott reactive his Instagram? Will he ever get past the jokes and cruelty towards the post? Fans will just have to wait and see.