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Top 10 Singles of 2013

With so many talented artists clawing and climbing their way up the Billboard chart in 2013, it may be hard to distinguish who really came out on top and who produced a musical flop.

After sifting through numerous playlists, cross referencing them with Rolling Stone’s and others’ top picks for the hit jams of 2013, I compiled a list of the top 10 contenders in the musical arena. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these are the only worthwhile tunes of the year. I am a music junkie. The act of picking THE 10 songs of 2013 was a chore in itself.

Artists and bands pumped out new songs that brought back old sounds, like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers, and Justin Timberlake’s whole album The 20/20 Experience. New faces, also emerged bringing a style all their own to the masses. I mean, did you hear how Avicii masterfully combined the skill of a guitarist from Incubus with the sweet vocals of soul singer in his single “Wake Me Up?” If you said no, please go YouTube it right now, your ears will thank me.


Top 10 Singles of 2013

1. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers – “Get Lucky”

These funky, helmet wearing dudes swept the floor with the competition. Honestly, when I first heard the song I thought it was some strange song from the disco era. By the second play though this tune can hook anyone.

2. Avicii – “Wake Me Up”

This song is so versatile. You can jam out and sing it to your steering wheel, or you and all of your best buds can be spotted huddled together on the dance floor shouting the lyrics in unison. Avicii had the brilliant idea to combine the sweet, melodic voice of California soul singer with his dance beats and a little bit of guitar from a member of Incubus. Genius!

3. Lorde – “Royals”

This curly-headed young lady didn’t just step onto the scene, she stormed on. One moment no one had heard of this extremely talented New Zealander, the next, everyone was humming this club ready electro-rock, pop tune.

4. Justin Timerlake – “Take Back the Night”

Most charts I looked at had Timberlake chilling with his single “Mirrors” on it. I feel that “Take Back the Night” was a far superior song. The trumpets’ sound in the background and JT’s friendly tenor pulls you into a happy mood. By the end of this tune, you will feel like you can own the night.

5. Katy Perry – “Roar”

Perry pumped out an anthem. This song makes you feel like you can take on the world, or at least tackle that 15-page midterm paper you were dreading. It makes you feel like champ with its empowering lyrics, “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire.” If Perry is dancing through fire, she deserves to be in 2013’s top 10 singles.

6. Bastille – “Pompeii”

Bastille is one of the bands that is helping to redefine main stream music. Back in 2012, I would have never expected to hear the drums and chanting that meshes to make this tune amazing and one for the books on any local radio station. Who knows what they will send out over the air waves for 2014.

7. Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop”

Hannah Montana is no more. Cyrus shattered the world’s image of her as a sweet and innocent country girl when she began her campaign of twerking in her undies and licking gigantic hammers. I got to hand it to Cyrus though, she created this year’s party anthem.

8. Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell – “Blurred Lines”

People have said that this song has been overplayed, but those same people still sing along when it comes out of the speakers. It is that ear worm you can’t shake and don’t want to.

9. Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX- “I Love It”

Coming in with a heavy electronic dance sound, these Swedish electro-pop divas weaved together a tune that had every double crossed girl singing along. The lyrics are blunt and to the point, they “love it” and “don’t care” what other people think.

10. Zedd ft. Foxes – Clarity

I first heard the Brillz remix of this song and didn’t realize that there was a second verse. Then I heard the original and it was like I had rediscovered the song. When music has the ability to do that, it is worthy of a top 10 list.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxxstCcJlsc” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Honorable Mention

 1. Fall Out Boy – “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”

 2. Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound”

3. Pitbull ft. Ke$ha – “Timber”

4. Panic! At the Disco ft. Lolo – “Miss Jackson”

 5. Travie McCoy ft. Jason Mraz – “Rough Water”


Top 10 Artists to Keep an Eye On in 2014

 1. The 1975

Check out “Chocolate” and “Girls.”


2. Disclosure

Give “Latch” a listen to.


3. American Authors

Believer” and “Best Day of My Life” are worth the Google.


4. The Mowgli’s

Check out “San Francisco.”


5. Two Door Cinema Club

Listen to “Changing of the Seasons.”


6. New Politics

Harlem” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah” are worth the listen.


7. The Royal Concepts

You Tube “On Our Way.”


8. ZZ Ward

Her best songs are “Move Like U Stole It” and “Cryin’ Wolf ft. Kendrick Lamar.”


9. Fritz and the Tantrums

Download “Break the Walls.”


10. Mayer Hawthorne

His catchiest tune is “Her Favorite Song.”


Did I miss anyone you think is absolutely a key piece to the musical history of 2013? Sound off on your favorite songs of the year and share who you think will be the next break through sartist in the comments below.