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The Return of Rick and Morty

In what is perhaps the greatest April Fools Day surprise in recent memory, Adult Swim released the long-awaited third season premiere of its cult hit, “Rick and Morty”.

The program, an adult-animated science-fiction satire is co-created by “Community” creator Dan Harmon and veteran voice actor Justin Roiland. It follows the daily life of mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson, the less-than-bright Morty Smith.

Having gained a massive following through its misanthropic lead character, portrayed by Roiland, its constant homage and references to past works, science fiction or otherwise, it hilariously absurd plot lines, and its incredibly compelling mysteries, Rick and Morty is a must see for anyone who hasn’t had the good fortune to binge watch it yet.

The premiere, which streamed on a nonstop loop on both Adult Swim’s television channel and associated website, and subsequently on Adult Swim every night the following week, picked up almost immediately where the season two finale left off.



We see Rick in an intergalactic prison, having been incarcerated for, in his own words, “everything.” And after a gruesome interrogation from officers of the Galactic Federation who were trying to discover the secrets of the universe, Rick escapes from custody in a way that only Harmon and Roiland could ever conceive.

As a long-time “Rick and Morty” fan, I can honestly say this episode was worth the wait, and given the early reviews and fan reactions, its safe to say the “Rick and Morty” will have another strong season, whenever the rest of it may air.





CJ De Leo

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