The Real Reason We’re Excited for V-day

greyGentlemen, do you know what us ladies are really looking forward to this Valentine’s Day? Any guesses? I’ll tell you, the one and only Mr. Christian Grey.

I would like to personally apologize to the boyfriends, lovers, and friends with benefits across the world that will be fully neglected until we see this movie. Let’s all just accept it right now that you, my friend, are not Christian Grey, and that’s fine. We don’t need him in real life; we just need to see this movie. It’s not about all the sex and romance, it’s the anticipation.

50 Shades of Grey, the novel, was handed to the unsuspecting female population in 2011 and from that moment on, most of us were hooked, strung along, book after book, and then told we can’t see the movie until 2015. So we waited…and waited…and now February is finally here.

Feb. 14, 2015 will be the release date of the long awaited film and the ladies are excited. So, ditch your date, and pack up the chocolate, because Mr. Grey will see you now.