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The Phenomenal Life of Whitney Houston

The fashion icon and globally talented performer, Whitney Houston, passed away Saturday, March 11 at age 48. Houston’s success from her childhood to adult years was incomprable.  Winning a lifetime total of 415 awards out of her 562 nominations, the actor and vocalist is remembered worldwide for her free-spirit and heavenly voice. She leaves behind a strong, sweet, and non-duplicated voice, continuing to set paths for young music artists everywhere. The timeline below showcases this woman’s journey and shows proof of her many achievements.


Houston on the cover of Seventeen magazine, excelling her modeling career.

Houston and the man who discovered her, Clive Davis.

Houston and her mother, Cissy Houston’s, appearance on MTV in 1986.

Houston performed “The Star Spangled Banner” at Superbowl XXV in 1991 (Tampa, FL). Many considered this to be the best rendition of country’s anthem.