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The Lips and Locks of Kylie Jenner

extensionsIf you’re still puzzled over Kylie Jenner’s sudden plump lips, I have the answers that will stop all the chatter. Miss Jenner has been striking down the rumors on Twitter and straight out saying, “I’m bored” of the nonstop lip conversation. Kim Kardashian West came forward in defense of her little sister Kylie and let the world know once and for all those lips aren’t loaded with filler. The 17-year-old reality star is just really good at makeup.

She sports a relatively different look then the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. She works the grungy chic look harder than anyone else. The mix of dark clothing, dark eyebrows, and rapidly changing hair has become her signature look. She has just recently added the stunning lips to the trio. She simply uses lip liner to achieve the look, and really anyone can do it.

In Kim’s interview with U.K. beauty blog, Pixiwoo, she said it’s all liner. Kylie doesn’t use lip-gloss or lip stick. She just draws her lips a little larger then they are and fills them in with the liner to achieve the fuller matte lip. Her go to? MAC’s “Soar.” Kim also mentioned that for every event Kylie does her own makeup while the rest of them have the makeup team do theirs.howto

Kylie has also added super long locks to her ensemble. The youngest of the crew has gone out on her own business venture, Kylie Hair Kouture, in partnership with Bellami. This week she’s rocking grey extensions. No word yet if they’ll be a part of her new line; for more details check out Bellamihair.com

Begin at 5:05 for Kim’s explanation of Kylie’s lips