The inevitable stages of spring break

At Bloomsburg University, and I’m sure all other colleges alike, students really know how to burn themselves out. From drinking too much, staying up late, studying, and running all over campus, our lives get pretty exhausting. We’ve just finished midterms and now have embarked on the infamous spring break. It can’t get much better, right? Wrong. Here are the inevitable stages of spring break.

You’re pumped. You and all of your roommates were starting to get on each other’s nerves; you were extremely burnt out from school and could use a good 12-hour slumber. Mom’s going to cook for me and do my laundry, what could be better? You even get to work a little to make some extra cash. Clearly, spring break is the best time of the year.

Dishes_21a82b_5348424You’ve hit all of your favorite local eateries and you’ve hung out with all of your friends, then something strange starts to happen…you begin to remember why you love college. What is that ungodly racket? Oh, it’s your mom vacuuming and putting away the dishes at 9 a.m. Is this a sign I out stayed my welcome? The early days were great and now its no longer special that you’re home. Oh my God, and now she’s speaking to me. And if my side eyes aren’t clarifying my mood for you, I’m not doing anything at this hour so please just look away.

You forgot that when you’re home you are your parents’ bitch. Go get your siblings, can you pick up milk; yeah no wonder your parents are happy you’re home, they have an extra slave around the house. You can’t even give them shit about it. Yeah you want to relax, but they do so much for you, so go pick up your brother.familymember

Spring break has been all well and good but there will be a day that you finally realize you need to get out. You’ve put up with everyone being all up in your business, but that ship has sailed. Your parents can only annoy you so much before you snap, and when you snap it will not be pretty. When this happens remember that you love them. You have a whole different life back at school and they just don’t understand personal space. You only have a couple days left. You got this.

When you leave, you’ll be sad, but then you remember it’s the best part of the spring semester. It’s finally getting warm, day drinking season is on the horizon and you’ll forget what its like for your laundry to be done and to have a meal on the table when you get home. Spring break was great but the last bits of spring semester will be even better and your family will be a phone call away…thank god.