The Handsome Little Devils Present: Squirm Burpee Review

The Handsome Little Devils present: Squirm Burpee kicked off the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s  Celebrity Artist Series’ lineup for its 27th season on Sept. 15.

This spectacular performance was not one to disappoint.  From the moment that the show began, the audience was eagerly anticipating what the show had to offer.  One of the main characters, The Baron Vegan von Hamburg entered the show on a gigantic, bicycle contraption filled with multicolor lights, andeven a compartment for confetti to shoot out from.  He immediately made his presence known as the “villain.” Although portrayed this way, The Baron was incredibly facetious and filled with slapstick antics.

The Handsome Little Devils’ main characters were Mike the Handsome and Dashing Dave.  The striking duo had amazing skills from juggling hats and pins, to dancing, and many more entertaining aspects.

This vaudevillian extravaganza also tugged at the heartstrings of the audience by adding a forbidden love story to the mix.  Quirky love-obsessed Lolo was brought into the show, which created a fantastic romance with Mike the Handsome. Toward the end of the show The Baron had taken Lolo hostage.  Mike the Handsome and Dashing Dave convinced The Baron to join their stage show, and all was forgiven.

The grand finale proved to be the most exciting and nerve-racking moment of the entire show.  The two handsome devils juggled an egg, 14-pound bowling ball, and an active chainsaw.  Some audience members covered their eyes, while others could be seen in a state of utter amazement.  The trick went off without a hitch, and everyone cheered.  This was absolutely the cherry on top of the cake to parent’s weekend at Bloomsburg University.