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The Color Purple is an Incredible Success

The National Broadway Tour of The Color Purple was held Saturday, Feb. 18 at Bloomsburg University. This spectacular performance was precisely the best way to emphasize the importance of Black History Month and Women’s History month. The musical adaptation of The Color Purple is based off of the novel written by Alice Walker and the ever so popular film starring Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Danny Glover. The show stayed very true to the storyline of the book, but added a whole new field of brilliance by incorporating music and voice to compliment the emotional journey of main character, Celie. The amount of talent on that stage was incredible. Every single actor had such purity and power to their voices. The show was also exceedingly visually compelling. The intricate dance numbers and set designs were stunning and successful. The actors did an excellent job of transitioning between sets and incorporating set movements into the acting. The set changes almost could go unnoticed. There is no other way to fully immerse one’s self into a live performance than to have live music accompaniment. The little orchestra pit located in front of the stage had few members, but were very much effective. The live music really brought out the emotion of the singers. The audience was struck positively by its intensity. Throughout the show, spectators would shout out words like “yes” and “alright” in acceptance of the singing and genuine acting. It would be hard to say anything negative about the performance. Overall, the cast was superb, the sets were stunning, and the message of hope through the evils of misfortune was successfully shown.