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The Boring Room Film Challenge; Blooming Studios Makes a Comeback

Blooming Studios had a lot of plans for 2020, but unfortunately, COVID-19 ruined everything. But do not worry fellow viewers, Blooming Studios will be active in the fall of 2020 with a new exec board! Michael Lamberti and Michael Innamorato started Blooming Studios back in the fall of 2016, giving students film and media experience that can not be found in the mass communications classroom. But now, Lamberti and Innamorato are seniors and have passed the torch to the next generation of artists.

Blooming Studios is doing a friendly contest called the Boring Room Challenge. This is when you film a scene in a boring room in your home, but you have to make the scene interesting. Please click the video for more clarifications and an example by Brandon Li.

If you win this contest, your film will be posted on BUnow, shown on the Blooming Studios YouTube page (with user’s consent, of course), featured in the Blooming Studios Film Festival and you will win an Amazon or Visa gift card.

If you are interested in entering the contest or about learning more about Blooming Studios, please email Isisah Graham (img86059@huskies.bloomu.edu), the new president of Blooming Studios. You have until September of 2020 to have the film finished and submitted.



Michael Lamberti

I am a nerd I like to make music, gaming cosplay, original skit series.