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‘The Batman’ released on HBO Max

One of the most anticipated movies of the year was Matthew Reeves’s “The Batman.” The film features a Bruce Wayne who has been wearing the suit for two years prior to the events on screen. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Dark Knight has piqued the interest of many fans waiting for the film’s release. Despite being the film’s hero, Batman isn’t all that hero-like especially when Reeves chose a more realistic approach compared to earlier Batman portrayals.

The film was first released in theaters on March 4, 2022 and was just released on HBO Max this past Monday. I initially saw the movie in a theater when it first came out. Fans of DC Comics flocked to the theaters in massive numbers.

Many new fans have joined the public to see these films since the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” allowing the theaters to be crowded with pre-pandemic numbers. 

The Batmobile Remodeled

The famous Batmobile and costume have been retained in this rendition but have been given a more realistic appearance. The Batmobile is no longer a gunship of a vehicle like it was in prior depictions, but rather an amped-up 1970s muscle car with all of the typical gadgets. “The Batman” (2022) has mastered the art of fusing realism and fiction into a single strike.  

Not Your Average Superhero Movie

To form a complete judgment, I proceeded to watch the film again on HBO Max. Some critics applaud this rendition as a cinematic masterpiece, while others find it dreary and boring.  In my opinion, I think this film was made very well, but it definitely was unlike any other “Batman” movie which is not a negative to me. The dark emotional aspect of the film set it apart from any other.

“The Batman” (2022) is not your average superhero movie.  When a vicious serial murderer named the Riddler begins targeting major political officials in Gotham, Batman is compelled to uncover the city’s secret corruption and question his family’s participation.

A New Set of Faces Play The Characters We Adore

Robert Pattinson plays both the vigilante detective and his alter ego, reclusive millionaire Bruce Wayne, in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne has been deep into the shadows of Gotham City for the past two years, haunting the streets as Batman and striking terror into the hearts of criminals.

Robert Pattinson gives a gritty, emotional performance as Batman, portraying him as a disenchanted, lonely vigilante who realizes that his rage makes him no different than the merciless serial murderer he’s chasing.

In my opinion, I think Pattinson played his role very well. Yet, I think his part could’ve been written better. “The Batman” may not be a man of many words, but his lines could be improved. Pattinson played the best of both worlds as Bruce Wayne and The Batman. Yet, his part lacks appeal with his lack of lines.

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz as The Batman and Catwoman

Zoe Kravitz portrayed Catwoman in the new film. Catwoman is frequently shown as ruthless, but Kravitz’s interpretation is significantly more rooted and balanced. Kravitz’s Catwoman is distinct in that she is more concerned with the real individual who wears the mask than with the symbolism of the mask.

The character has a more human-like aspect to it in this version. This is a fantastic adaptation of the character. To counter the masculine legendary tactic of unbridled physical force, her revamped combat style is satisfyingly fast-paced and elegant. 

Colin Farrell plays the criminal mastermind, The Penguin. In this film, Farrell plays the Penguin to perfection. The Penguin was my favorite character throughout this new film due to his progressive change from the past. 

The most visible manner in which Farrell transforms into the Penguin is by donning so much make-up that he becomes totally unrecognizable. The performer, though, goes it a step further by delivering an entirely unrecognizable portrayal. The Penguin offers the film’s best laughs, thanks to the typical dry humor and puns. 

The film’s major villain, The Riddler, is played by Paul Dano. The Riddler from Batman is an illustration of the type of beast that a broken system can produce.

Fans were apprehensive when The Riddler was introduced as the major villain in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” It’s not that the Riddler is not known. A key factor is that he’s typically presented as a crazed prankster who comes in second to Gotham City’s more well-known villains.

This Riddler, on the other hand, had a more deranged, notorious serial killer sense about him. He presented himself as someone who could relate to the Zodiac Killer.

I believe Dano’s take on The Riddler takes you for a different turn, but in the best way possible. He fights Batman by playing his part like a board game, conquering spaces and taking down his enemies in unexpected ways. His demeanor is unlike any other, adding in sociopathic tendencies to produce a monster stirred up by corruption.

Darkness Takes Over

Darkness has always been a part of the “Batman” aesthetic. Besides the film being dark emotionally, the film quality was also very dark throughout some scenes. I did not have any issue with this until rewatching it upon HBO Max. When Batman says, “I am the shadows,” you’ll be in the shadows too, literally.

Some scenes, especially close-ups of Pattinson and Kravitz, were a bit on the blurry side. As for the rest of the quality overall, the film was filmed incredibly. The locations and cuts within the scenes created stunning transitions.

Robert Pattinson as The Batman

I believe this movie is worth your time to watch. In years prior, Joaquin Phoenix developed his own style as the Joker in the recent artsy movie, “The Joker.” I would relate “The Batman” (2022) to this film due to the unique, realistic style of the film which is something I adored most about “The Joker.”

Matthew Reeves’s portrayal of the Dark Knight is modern, captivating and real. Bruce Wayne isn’t just some product of his parents, he’s a person fighting the same issues as everyone else, corruption in Gotham.