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“The Bachelor” Week 2 Recap

This week on “The Bachelor” there was a mix of awkwardness, group dates, and lots of kissing. Last week ended with Kimberly, a yoga instructor, coming back into the house after not being given a rose. She asked Chris to give her another chance after not having any time to talk to him. Chris thought about the proposition and decided to give her a second chance, which is not very common for the show. Of course all of the girls who had already been given roses were not very happy about his decision.

The first date card came the next day kicking off all of the awkward group dates, (because it is totally normal to go on a date with six other girls, right?)and Jade, Ashley I., Tandra, Kimberly, Tara, and Mackenzie were all chosen for the first group date. The date started off with a normal pool party, followed by a not-so-normal tractor race on the streets of LA in their bikinis.


Ashley I. won the tractor race (below, far right) but at the end of the day, it was Mackenzie (below, blue bikini) who he picked to spend one-on-one time with for the rest of the night. Their date was rather awkward at first because Mackenzie revealed she has a “big nose” fetish and that she believes in aliens. However, what ultimately helped her was informing Chris about her son, Kale. He liked that she opened up to him, which prompted him to give her a rose.


The next date card came to the house and Chris asks Megan, a make-up artist, on a one-on-one date. Naturally, jealousy ensues in the house because this is the first one-on-one date. Chris took Megan on a helicopter ride above the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, which was absolutely breathtaking. After, they had a picnic in the Grand Canyon, (you know, first date things.) Megan opened up to Chris about the passing of her father right before the show started and how blessed she is to be on the show. Chris really enjoyed his date with Megan and definitely has an interest in her by the end of the date, which is why he gave her a rose.

The last group date included zombies, paintball, and Mesa Verde? Not exactly, but that’s where Ashley S. thought they were the whole time. Ashley S. was pretty much the only entertaining thing about this day because she proved how crazy she is. Ashley shot at the zombies multiple times (even after they were dead), kept asking if they were in Mesa Verde, and crawled on the ground to communicate with some cats, (her kind maybe?) But at the end of the date, Kaitlyn was given a rose.


Now onto the rose ceremony. Jordan proved that the alcohol was too much for her this week and was the new drunk during the ceremony. Seriously, what do they give these girls? Chris starts giving out roses and midway through, Chris intends to give Juelia a rose but Jillian mistakes it for herself and then this ensues…

After that terribly embarrassing moment for her, he gives her a rose anyway and sends Alissa, Jordan, Kimberly, and Tara home.

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