The season 19 pretumblr_nayxdeMC2x1rt54ixo1_500miere of “The Bachelor” reintroduces Chris Soules, the third place finisher of Andi Dorfman’s “The Bachelorette”. Chris is a 33-year-old farmer from Arlington, Iowa, which has a population of 427. With that being said, growing up in such a small town may have made dating a little difficult. Chris is not just an ordinary farmer though; he has expanded his family business into a multi-million dollar operation.

But this season however, is somewhat different. The show has started with 30 lovely (yet, sometimes crazy) women vying for the attention of the dreamy bachelor, rather than 25. This is probably good news for the new Bachelor because he has more to choose from, but bad news for the ladies because they need to stand-out more (which some tried a little too hard to). One woman came out with a little karaoke machine serenading Soules, another wore a pig nose when greeting him, and one even brought him a heart! OK, the heart was fake, and she brought it because she was a “donated tissue specialist,” but really? The one contestant, however, who might have had the most outrageous entrance was Kaitlyn, who said this when greeting Soules… “You can plow the f*ck out of my field any day.”


During the cocktail party, Chris had the chance to get to know some of the girls. Seeing as there were 30 of them, some took things into their own hands by interrupting other girl’s time with Chris so they could talk to him. At the end of the cocktail party, the coveted first impression rose was given out to Britt, a waitress from Hollywood. Britt was also the first girl of the season to kiss Soules.

bachelor kiss

The cocktail party may have been too much for Tara, who was noticeably drunk during the entire rose ceremony. This then prompted Chris to remove himself from the room, as he contemplated if he should give Tara a rose or not. He ultimately decided to give her a rose and sent six other women home.

The episode ended with one woman coming back, to plea with Chris why she shouldn’t be sent home, his decision though won’t be shown until the next episode on Monday, Jan. 12.