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Ted 2 Cast Revealed

America’s raunchiest stuffed animal is set to have some big names seated at the tea party. Both Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman have been confirmed to join the cast alongside Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg for the upcoming “Ted” sequel, “Ted 2.” Their roles in the movie have yet to be announced.

Star, director and writer Seth MacFarlane broke the news last week via twitter.

ted 2

While Freeman is making his debut with the “Family Guy” star, “Ted 2” will mark Neeson’s second performance with MacFarlane after the western comedy, “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” With a highly disappointing performance at the box office (pulling in just $17.1 million over opening weekend) it is no surprise Neeson wants a do-over.

And he is not the only one.

Amanda Seyfried will also join Team Ted as a potential new love interest for Wahlberg. What about Mila Kunis you ask? The star who played girlfriend Lori Collins will make an appearance in the film, but in a significantly reduced role. Ted’s old flame Tammi-Lyn will also be returning to the big screen.

In addition to the new cast members, the Thunder Buddies are rumored to be joined by a host of celebrity cameos including Kim Kardashian West. If the rumors prove true, it will be Kardashian’s second role since appearing in 2008’s “Disaster Movie.”

The comedy is set to release in the summer of 2015.