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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss: Are They More Than Just BFF’s?

OK5214_Device.pdfEver since 2006, Taylor Swift has been writing and singing about her guy love interests, relationships, and break-ups. OK! Magazine covers several stories on their website of Swift’s new alleged love interest with beautiful Victoria’s Secret Model, Karlie Kloss. One story happened to make the OK! cover on Dec. 29, issue No. 52.

Swift announced how she is currently taking a break from men, however, that does not mean she’s completely done with everyone. Starting last December, Swift and Kloss have been sending each other mutually flattering tweets before officially meeting at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Recently, a couple of news outlets have been raving over how 25-year-old Swift could allegedly be more than just friends with 22-year-old model, Karlie Kloss. Who knows, considering a part of Swift’s lyrics to Welcome to New York say: “Everybody here was someone else before. And you can want who you want; Boys and boys and girls and girls.” Although there is this presumption, Swift denies being an item with Kloss and only being best friends.

A tweeted photo from a fan was released by TMZ of the two allegedly sharing a passionate kiss at a Dec. 4 rock concert of the band, The 1975, at New York’s City Terminal 5 may show otherwise. Even though the photo was snapped, it is a bit hard to tell if it was definitely the two due to the photo being blurry. Could what we see be true or staged? TS&KK_kiss

Source told OK!, “Taylor and Karlie had chemistry from the moment they met and while Taylor had never been attracted to women before, she quickly developed feelings for Karlie.” Though they may have alleged feelings toward each other, a source from OK! said Swift is just having fun living her single life and is not yet ready to settle. It was also stated in the cover story that Swift fears that it will tarnish her reputation and have a negative effect on her career.

On Kloss’s side, it was allegedly stated in the articles how Kloss is giving her all into her alleged relationship with Swift, while Swift gives the short hand of things. The anonymous source said, “she loves Karlie to death, and Karlie’s emotions are having an effect on her. She goes out of her way to make Karlie feel special and keep her happy. The last thing she wants is to push her away.”


Who knows for sure whether Swift and Kloss are an item, if Swift is just hesitant to admit it, or if they are not an item but rather just very friendly friends. Aren’t most girl-friendships all about the love and sensitivity anyways? Either way, love is love and people should not feel the need to make a huge deal over it. We could all just be making false assumptions. Only time will tell.

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