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Six Celebrity Kids More Stylish Than You

It may just be me, but doesn’t every celebrity baby seem to be getting cuter and more stylish year after year? Maybe it’s the genes, or maybe it’s the money. The lives of the rich and lavish are getting passed down like hammy-downs to their children, but not the kind of hammy downs we were given.


Daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West, has been stunning Hollywood in designer clothing since the day she was born. She’s seen, here, leaving father Kanye’s fashion show in February during New York Fashion Week. North seems to be warm and cozy in her $3,500 fur coat, but it also seems to be smothering her. She has been spotted wearing other expensive clothing, as well as an YSL purse for babies.


Next up in the spotlight are the Beckham boys. They looked handsome as ever, taking after their beautiful parents, at the Kids Choice Awards. They always seem to impress women of all ages with their good looks and athletic frames, which they can thank their dad for. The oldest of the brothers, Brooklyn, who is 16, took his younger brothers, Romeo, 12, and Cruz, 10, out for a night of fun.


For all the Kardashian followers out there, you probably already know about this cutie. This is Mason Disick, child of Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick. He has been featured on the show Keeping up with the Kardashians, which is where America first fell in love with him. Kourtney loves to dress him up in stylish outfits for days at the park or strolls to get lunch. Right there with Mason is his little sister, Penelope, whose fashion sense mirrors her mother’s easygoing style.


Suri Cruise is making all of the 8-year-old boys drool. It is quite obvious that this fashionista is not afraid to wear her favorite color head-to-toe. She doesn’t care what any of the paparazzi think of her style and loves to rock some UGGS with a dress and puffer coat, despite the chilly weather in this photo from December. Mother, Katie Holmes, tried not to take away the spotlight too much from her daughter, and wore more cool toned colors. If you want a good laugh, from Suri’s point of view, go check out her burn book on other celebrities.


Oh, how we love the precious, chubby, rosy cheeked Prince George. What is not to love about this little bundle of joy? He may be pictured a lot with a grumpy face, but that is not the case in this year’s family Christmas photos. He wore a cozy Christmas sweater with shorts and knee-high socks. It looks as though someone behind the camera may have been bribing him with food and he was trying to grab it mid-pose.


Last, but definitely not least, is Blue Ivy Carter. As the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, it is inevitable that you will be the star of the show. Blue Ivy brings nothing but the best in her grey trench coat with fur lining. She can even rock the Miley Cyrus hairdo with two buns, and, in my opinion, she is the only 3-year-old out there who can. With a beautiful name like Blue Ivy, it’s almost impossible not to stand out in the crowd.


We could all learn a few fashion tips from these youngsters. Even though some of these outfits cost more than my college tuition for a year, they are cute nonetheless. Keep an eye out for future trends that they start!

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