Review of Green Day’s Saviors

This album is the history of Green Day. There is a song on the album for everyone who liked Green Day during a certain period. It is the best album they have created since American Idiot. 8.5/10

The American Dream is Killing Me

A rock anthem about the idea of the American Dream being dead and it is dragging people down with it. A strong start for the album that establishes the politics that will be displayed later. 

Look Ma No Brains

This song feels like a song from Dookie/Kerplunk. A higher tempo song. The song is filled with potential references and double meanings giving it more depth than the silly songs off of those respective albums. “I ain’t got no brains” is a double negative, and based on the other lyrics the person is not the sharpest. The line can also be referencing “Knowledge” an Operation Ivy song that Green Day plays at nearly every show, contains the line “All I know’s that I don’t know nothing,” a double negative that relates to someone being dumb.

Bobby Sox

The closest thing to a Weezer Song. I would not be surprised to learn that they wrote this during the tour with Weezer to see if they could make a Weezer song. The song is very mid to slow tempo and never builds to a major rock sound. Billie Joe Armstrong’s delivery of the chorus is the best part of the song as it injects some energy into the song.

One-Eyed Bastard

A song about revenge while being a mash-up of Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger”/Pink’s “So What”/Deep Purple’s “Black Night.” A much more energetic song after Bobby Sox, and it is welcome, but the chorus is a bit lacking. 


The best song on the record and among the best Green Day songs ever, it tells the tale of an addict who has witnessed others around him die from the addiction and does not want to slip back into it but does fall off the wagon, hurting his loved ones. It builds till it crashes down for the final chorus like an addict coming down. 


Its a simple upbeat song about nostalgia. A criticism of the song is its simplicity, but after such an emotional song, it’s a welcome relief. This song is similar to “Here Comes the Shock” by Green Day, and the verses give a similar feeling to “Monkey Wrench” by the Foo Fighters.

Goodnight Adeline

A song about lost love and getting over it. This could also be an ode to Adeline Records, Billie Joe’s record label, which closed down in 2017. Billie Joe may feel like he failed Adeline Records. Slow ballad beat. 

Coma City

A song about a city in despair, possibly due to the failure of the American Dream. If you enjoy 21st Century Breakdown, this song would fit on the album, specifically as a sequel to “Murder City.”

Corvette Summer

Another upbeat fun song that feels about the nostalgia of driving in the car and listening to music, letting everything of the world go for a short period. It has a similar vibe to Fountains of Wayne or the Green Day side project Foxboro Hottubs.

Suzie Chapstick

A song about saying goodbye to someone whether that is someone who has died or fallen out of favor with. The song is a slow tempo about goodbye, a staple for Green Day.

Strange Days Are Here to Stay

A follow-up to the American Dream is Killing Me, lied to by the system and how the world is changing. The overall melody is quite Letterbombesque, with lyrics from Billy Bragg. 

Living in the 20s

This song is a follow to The American Dream is Killing Me and Strange Days. The system is broken, and here are even more ways that it is broken. The song has a melody that would be familiar to fans of classic Green Day, like “Paper Lanterns” or Kerplunk. It is a welcome return to the classics.

Father to a Son

This is a slow song about fatherhood. The song overall has a Journey ballad structure or an early 2000s rock ballad. 


The song continues the politics. The people are finally realizing that the American Dream is dead. A plea for someone to finally save the world from the system. Not a big fan of verses being so quiet and muddied, it hurts the song. 

Fancy Sauce

If you are a fan of “Oh Love,” then this song will be good. I think it’s better than “Oh Love.”

Top 3 Ranking

#1 Dilemma 

#2 Corvette Summer

#3 Living in the 20s